May 17, 2015


Tottori(鳥取)is considered one of the smaller prefectures in Japan, best known for its sand dunes, which is the largest in Japan.

My trip to Tottori was combined with Kinosaki Onsen(城崎温泉), north of Hyogo prefecture(兵庫). Went there during February, so could actually see snow on the sand at same areas~ Boots were available for rental to enter the sand dunes. The sand was really soft plus there were slopes, thus it was quite difficult to walk. Wind was really strong, so i was trying hard not to 'eat' the sand, and had to wear sunglasses to prevent the sand from getting into my eyes. Guess I didn't enjoy myself so much there.

Riding on camel was expensive, but since I already came all the way here, decided to pay for the experience. My first camel ride! It was not dangerous/exciting at all, unlike my previous horse/elephant riding experiences.

After that, had lunch at a fresh fish eatery just outside of the sand dunes, recommended by a taxi driver. Ordered a Kaisendon(海鮮丼)and there were so many different types of fresh catch! And it was really fresh, probably due to the location being near the Japan sea. Possibly the best Kaisendon I've ever had! Price wasn't expensive either, just 1150 yen~

Only spent half a day in Tottori, and only went to the sand dunes. If you know of any other interesting places in this prefecture, please let me know :)


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