May 21, 2015


Miyazaki Prefecture(宮崎)is located at the south eastern part of Kyushu(九州). It is quite long in shape, so I 'split' it up and combined with 2 different trips.

One trip was to scenic Takachiho Gorge(高千穂峡)at the north. It is known as being a "power spot", which means places where people feel recharged after visiting, and are usually spiritual.

However, going there can be quite inconvenient without a car. It can only be reached by low frequency buses from Takamori in Aso, Nobeoka in north Miyazaki or Kumamoto. I went via the Nobeoka route as I came from eastern Oita.

From Takachiho Bus Center, it's a 30 to 40 minutes walk to the gorge. I chose to book a room at Hotel Takachiho which was more like a ryokan, that is on the way (near Takachiho Shrine), such that the ryokan's free shuttle service saves me the walk for more than half the journey.

The gorge can be enjoyed by rental boats from the bottom or just on foot from the top.

Takachiho Shrine is associated with Japanese mythology. Every night, 1 hour long Yokagura 夜神楽 (night dances) about the local legend is performed there.

The other trip to this prefecture was to Miyazaki City in the south. From Kagoshima(鹿児島), friend and I traveled east to Aoshima (青島), a small laid-back island near Miyazaki City. It carries the same name as the cat island in Ehime prefecture.

The "devil's washboard" (鬼の洗濯板), which is actually basalt rock formations, can be seen there at low tide.

There is a shrine that is said to be good for relationships. Although there isn't much to see on the island, a trip there is enjoyable when weather is good.

Went Miyazaki during summer, so managed to catch summer festival and fireworks at Miyazaki City.

Didn't go to another attraction in the prefecture- Udo Shrine, located just beside a cliff offering great views of the sea.


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