May 17, 2015


Tokushima(徳島)in Shikoku(四国)is most famous for the annual dance festival Awa Odori(阿波踊り)in August.

Went to Takamatsu 高松 (capital of Kagawa prefecture beside Tokushima) via bus, where friend and I stayed for the night, as lodgings in Tokushima were all full! Changed into our yukatas and headed for Awa Odori via 1 hour limited express train.

It is a really large scale festival, with many many people, locals and even foreigners! Some were actually performers. There were paid areas for watching performances, but it wasn't really necessary, as some performers (perhaps more amateur) were just dancing on the streets and everyone was free to join in. It was pretty fun~ There were lots of yatai too, so no worries about no food for dinner.

Checked out Iya Valley the next day, mountainous area of the prefecture full of nature. Went to Oboke and Koboke Gorge(大歩危小歩危)and enjoyed Oboke sightseeing boat cruise along Yoshino river. For the more adventurous, can try river rafting~

Next, headed to Hotel Kazurabashi to enjoy hot spring in the mountains. It was summer, but outdoor hotspring with shade wasn't so bad~

Kazurabashi (vine suspension bridge) nearby is the main attraction of the area. The holes are quite big, but it's fine as long as you look at where you step.

Lastly, headed for Awa Ikeda(阿波池田), where the countryside version of Awa Odori was held at night. It wasn't as grand as the main one of course, but nice to experience something different nevertheless. It seems like everyone here knows everyone else~

Another attraction in Tokushima prefecture is Naruto(鳴門)'s whirlpools. It is important to check the schedules before going.


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